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Bare Beauty Group is a family-owned product development studio dedicated to helping beauty, lifestyle, and fashion brands and retailers strengthen their image and stand out in the market. Based in Warsaw and Hong Kong, the company was founded in 2019 by two sisters who share an insatiable passion for designing and creating exceptional, customised products that bring beauty to life.

We are proud of nearly two decades of extensive experience and relationships with hundreds of brands, welcoming and working with start-ups, all the way to leading international brands. Our long-standing relationships with manufacturers and suppliers allow us to help you to successfully launch your products in markets around the globe, including Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. 

Our vast and seasoned experience translates to intimate familiarity with the challenges of minimum order quantities, sustainability, clean beauty, packaging, materials, and ethical manufacturing practices.

We oversee everything from brief to product manufacturing, managing the critical path and ensuring that your products are safe and compliant.

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Meet the founders

Anna Grzywa Bare Beauty Group

Anna Grzywa
Co-founder & Product Developemnt Director

With an MA in Marketing & Management and over fifteen years of experience in marketing and product development, Anna has worked for contract manufacturers, beauty brands, retailers, and distributors across Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia. She knows what it takes to create a product from scratch. Before co-founding Bare Beauty Group, Anna held various positions including Product Development & Marketing Director for Asquan Group, Senior Product Development Manager for Concept4 Group, and Global Product Manager for Oriflame.

Her vast experience includes frequent trips to China to source factories and establish long-term relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. She has learned production processes for a variety of products, including paper and textiles, beauty tools, kitchenware and primary packaging tooling processes. 

Anna particularly enjoys creating brushes and has created the same for well-known brands such as Oriflame, Avon, Huda Beauty, Topshop, BY TERRY, INSKIN COSMEDICS. 

Her experience of living in many countries, including Poland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and UAE, has given her an understanding of different cultures and market needs, making her a valuable asset to the Bare Beauty Group team. This experience, in turn, benefits not only Bare Beauty but more importantly – its partners and clients.

"It has always been my dream to run a company with my sisters. Now, the dream has come true, and I am working alongside one of them on what truly is a dream team. I love product development and the creation process of makeup brushes, and I focus on that aspect at our studio."

Renata Boguszewska
Co-founder & CEO

A talented, multi-faceted professional with a diverse skill set and extensive experience across multiple industries. Having studied three different majors – Management, Finance and Accounting and E-commerce, provided her with a well-rounded education and a broad knowledge base. Throughout her career, Renata gained valuable experience working in retail, marketing, finance and planning. She collaborated closely with legal departments, quality control teams, laboratories and logistics, which gave her a comprehensive understanding of every stage of the product launch process.

Currently, she is working on multiple projects that involve introducing products to markets in Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the European Union and the UK. Renata thrives on working on many projects simultaneously and has successfully implemented entire product catalogues without missing a beat. Her work has included developing product categories ranging from cosmetics accessories to clothing, packaging, children’s accessories, and food contact products.

Her know-how encompasses production in factories – both in Asia and Europe, giving her a unique perspective on the manufacturing process. Incidentally, but not surprisingly, Renata’s outside-of-work hobbies don’t fall short of relating to her day to day, as they include art, modern design, and product photography.

Such diverse experience has shaped her into an accomplished and well-rounded professional, ready to take on new challenges and opportunities, especially those connected to new product materials and technologies.

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